How to Shut Down Windows

This wikiHow teaches you the safest way to shut down any version of Windows. There are many ways to shut your PC down safely, but the most common way to do so is using the Shut Down option in your Start menu. To avoid data loss, make sure you’ve saved all of your open files(…)


How to Cover Windows on Doors

Covering windows on doors can be challenging — some doors have multiple square windows, and some have one long rectangular window. Finding a perfect covering for such varying shapes and sizes can be difficult. Before looking at window treatments, decide for yourself how much privacy you expect from a window treatment, or how much light(…)


How to Clean Jeep Soft Top Windows

Most soft top jeeps have plastic windows that, though unique and stylish, are a bit tricky to clean. Thankfully, there is a simple process you can use to clear up your jeep’s windows without damaging them. EditSteps EditClearing up a Cloudy Window Wipe the window down with water. Dip a fresh microfiber towel in water(…)


Faux Finish Your Garage Windows

Like everyone else in the Neighborhood, I (Steph) had these plastic inserts in the windows of my garage. They were discolored, brittle and gave a dated look to my house. I wanted a change!Once the plastic inserts were removed, I was ready to give the glass a faux finish. Watch the video! Prep…By: MotherDaughterProjects Continue(…)


How to Decorate Large Windows

If you have large windows that you want to decorate, there are lots of different options to choose from that will help enhance your window space. Choose from decorative elements such as regular drapes, valences, or roman shades to decide how much light you’d like to let in through the windows. Next, you can think(…)


How to Close Apps in Windows 10

Apps, also known as programs, make up the core of the Windows 10 user experience. Different types of apps allow users to get a wide range of tasks done, from word processing to web browsing to gaming. When you’re done using an app, you’ll probably want to close it. Before you start: Be sure to(…)


How to Wash High Windows

Cleaning high windows can be tricky, especially if they are above a sloped area or in a hard to reach spot. High windows also tend to get very dirty, especially if they have not been wiped or washed in awhile. Though you can hire a professional to wash high windows, doing them yourself can save(…)