Wifi Synchronized Lamps

A project for someone who lights up your life…2 years ago, as a Christmas present for a long-distance friend, I created lamps that would synchronize animations via internet connection. This year, 2 years later, I created this updated version with the knowledge gained from the additional years of e…By: watchmeflyy Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


WiFi LED Light Strip Controller

I started making backlit signs with LED light strips, and I was needing quite a few WiFi controllers for each project. For a single project, it could cost me hundreds of dollars just to buy WiFi controllers, so I decided to make my own.If you follow this Instructable, you will have a fully-functioni…By: appideas Continue(…)


WiFi WebSocket Remote Robot

This instructables show how to use ESP8266 module as a HTTP + Web Socket server to build a low lag time (fast response) WiFi remote robot. Why WebSocket? There are tons of WiFi remote robot on the web. Most of them have a simple web interface that can control the robot by a few arrow(…)