Wishing Well

A friend asked for a rustic well to hold wedding cards to her rustic themed wedding. Mats usedKingsland 2 inch by 3′ Marine ply 1/4 by 2′ by 6′ Rough cut 2" x 2" for struts 6′ longDowel 1/2"Off cuts of pallet wood Bark sheets for shingles 2 x Screws with eyesRough ropeBabybell wax Air(…)


$20 Wishing Well Planter

This planter looks awesome and it only cost $ 20 to make!!!! I made this as a gift for my mom on Mother’s Day. We used to have one in our yard when I was little and decided that would make a great gift for her. She totally loved it and wants me to make(…)


How to Raise a Well Behaved Child

All kids have their moments, but knowing that you can count on your kid to behave can make your life much easier. Catch your child behaving well and reinforce their good behavior. Help them gain social skills by using good manners and not complaining or whining. Use consistent discipline and find opportunities to teach, not(…)