Microsoft’s new iPhone camera app has some weird tricks for the Snapchat generation

Microsoft released its own Selfie app for the iPhone more than a year ago, and now it’s experimenting with another iOS camera app. Sprinkles, released curiously on April Fools’ Day and spotted by TechCrunch, is the latest experimental app from Microsoft. It’s exclusively available on the iOS App Store, and it’s designed to automatically add(…)


These weird little dinosaurs lost all their teeth and grew beaks as they aged, new science says

In a fossil first, paleontologists have discovered that a dinosaur related to the T. rex and modern birds started out life with a full set of chompers, but grew up to lose them all. In place of pearly whites, the adults sprouted a beak instead. It’s a strange metamorphosis, like an extra twisted, dinosaur-version of(…)