RPi Weather Station and Digital Clock

This is a quick and easy project to make, and a nice display to show off. It displays both the time, weather condition and temperature. And please, if you like this project, vote for me in the Microcontroller Contest: code is based on St…By: Anders644PI Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Weather Station

Ever feel uncomfortable during small talk? Need cool things to talk (okay, brag) about? Well we have the thing for you! This tutorial will allow you to build and use your very own weather station. Now you can confidently fill any awkward silence with updates on the temperature, pressure, humidity, a…By: sjja2017 Continue Reading »(…)


Make Your Own Graphical Weather Station

Always wanted to have a graphical weather station? And with accurate sensors? Maybe this project is something for you. With this weather station you can see what the weather is "doing". Temperatures for example might rise or fall. From a normal thermometer it is not possible to see the temperature h…By: RichardvdK Continue Reading »(…)


How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather

Brrr! When the winter temperatures dip low, living and working in a sub-zero climate can really take its toll. By employing a few tricks, however, you can stay warm despite the cold weather. EditSteps EditStaying Warm Outside Wear an under-layer. This is an easy way to stay warmer without having to do much. An under-layer(…)


Acoustic DISDRO Meter: Raspebbery Pi Open Weather Station (Part 2)

DISDRO stands for distribution of drops. The device records the size of each drop with a time stamp. The data is useful for a variety of applications, including meteorological (weather) research and farming. If the disdro is very accurate, it can measure total rainfall, like a rain gauge. It can als…By: grompot Continue Reading »(…)


Cold Weather Hoodie and Cowl

I needed to keep heads warm in the recent Alabama deep freeze, most importantly, mine. Whipped up this hood/cowl out of a cheap fleece blanket.I originally posted a picture to the Facebook group Upcycle Sewing. Some folks wanted to see my pattern, so I decided to document the construction as well. …By: Oranges Rhymed Continue(…)