Watering Plant Cage

This 3D-printed design is a plant cage that also allows water to be delivered directly to the roots. This version is designed to be placed inside a separate planter. Design the Frame The initial strut is created using the "Coil" command in Fusion 360. To minimize the amount of support material (s…By: Coengineer Continue Reading(…)


3D Printed Self Watering Planter

It’s summer and in India and Kolkata has a Tropical wet-and-dry climate. Summers are hot and humid with temperatures in the low 30’s and during dry spells, the maximum temperatures often exceed 40 °C. It’s Really Hard for plants to survive without water. For people like me, it’s hard to water them t…By: geekrex Continue(…)


Sprout: Modern Indoor Self Watering Planter

Sprout is a Modern Indoor Planter which automatically waters your plants, herbs, vegetables, etc and will revolutionize your gardening game.It consists of an integrated water reservoir from which water is pumped & keeps the plant’s soil hydrated.A soil moisture sensor is calibrated such that it peri…By: Jonathanrjpereira Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


DIY Recycled Watering Can

Do you ever want to keep up your garden, but you’re in a pinch and can’t get ahold of or afford a proper watering can? Never fear, you can easily make one at home with just a few recycled house goods and some scraps laying around. This project can be easily completed in less than(…)