DIY Garden See-Saw Water Feature

Hello Friends… Welcome to RustticKraft Channel. Today will present you a beautiful DIY See-Saw Water Feature made with a Steel pipe and PVC pipe. It’s a very simple project to make your garden look more beautiful.Materials Needed: Bucket*2 Steel Pipe 1/2 inch PVC Pipe 1/2 inch PVC Casing P…By: Rustickraft Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Easy Gift Box Out of a Water Bottle

This tutorial will teach you how to repurpose a plastic water bottle into a unique gift box or just a cute clear box. It only takes about 10-15 minutes to make one. Things You’ll Need Permanent MarkerWater bottle with smooth sides (no ridges) Scissors Olfa Knife/Box Cutter Ribbon (optional) M…By: jinv13 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


DIY Water Bottle Wind Turbine

Basic Description To understand how a wind turbine works, it is important to understand how wind energy works on a basic level. Wind is a form of solar energy because the sun is the source that creates wind by the uneven heat on the atmosphere, how irregular the earth’s surface is, and the earth’s…By: kdull(…)


Water Bottle Dog Toy

Make dog toys with plastic water bottles and old or unused clothing items such as socks, t-shirts, leggings, scarves, hats, jackets, or bags! There are two variations of this toy: the first one is no-sew while the other requires sewing. You can also use different size water bottles according to the …By: JameeR4 Continue Reading(…)


How to Grow Garlic in Water

If you’d like to grow some garlic but don’t have the space for a garden or a large potting container, you can try growing garlic in water. Growing garlic in water is a great way to have fresh garlic available whenever you like, without the hassle and expense of going to the grocery store. Be(…)