How to Soften Hard Water Naturally

Hard water refers to the concentration of certain substances like calcium and lime in your water. If your water contains calcium, a quick boil may remove its funny taste. Other contaminants can be removed with filters. For better water throughout your household, consider installing an ion exchange system. Laundry water, on the other hand, can(…)


Glass Water Bottles

Glass water bottles are popular for good reason. Plastic, even BPA free varieties, still release chemical compounds as they break down. Especially when are exposed to heat / sunlight.Why do glass bottles cost so much? Honestly, no idea… amazon start around $ 18 for a bottle of any quality/size –do…By: jprussack Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Bevel Water Cube – Prism Maker!

Hang this in a sunny spot and watch the rainbow prisms dance around the room.Materials: 6 diamond bevels electrical or masking tape 7/32 or 1/4" copper foil tape & burnisher approximately 2" or so of copper wire flux & flux brush (I prefer gel flux) soldering iron (for stained glass) glass cutter (c…By: ArtAttack2 Continue(…)


How to Make a Dog Auto Water Feeder

Nowadays we all have pampered pooches, and mine is no different. The summers temperatures here can get very hot and at times as high as 45 degrees Celsius. The high temperatures can make a small amount of water in their water bowl very hot. They also drink more in the summer and for some reason,(…)