Star Wars Monopoly (GlowForge)

May the 4th be with you! Having recently invested in a GlowForge laser cutter, Almost all of my initial projects and pieces coming off the Glowforge were gifts for others. I cut some things on wood, engraved from slate, and even made an multi-level topographic map. However, I wanted to do somethi…By: MichaelMikkelson Continue Reading(…)


Star Wars Tabletop Game

So…this is gonna be one of my weirder projects, because it has absolutely nothing to do with wood. Well, I made some of the stuff with wood, but whatever. I made this game a long time ago, with some of my friends. Since then, it’s been one of our favorite projects, and I thought I’d(…)


Star Wars Night Lamp

A lamp for young StarWars fan. Intro Hello Everyone (or anyone who will read this) ;)Last days my son come to me and said :- We have St.Nicholas day and i have to do something for my colleague by myself.- Ok and what i have to do with it ?- HELP ! He loves Star(…)


Star Wars Birch Coasters

I wanted to make my own set of Star Wars coasters, so I decided to utilize the lasercutter in our Makerspace to do so! I found my design, then adjusted it in Illustrator, then lasercut it. Emblems as Vectors I was lucky enough to find the hard work of cartonus on DeviantArt, who had already(…)


This Week in Making: Star Wars Cake, Project Crates for Kids, E3 Countdown, and More

A Star Wars cake with actual glowing lightsabers, crates that inspire kids to create, and the first ever public E3, all this week in making. Read more on MAKE The post This Week in Making: Star Wars Cake, Project Crates for Kids, E3 Countdown, and More appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.(…)


DIY Planets of Star Wars Sign

Try this easy DIY for a Farmhouse twist on a Star Wars Sign. You can show your love for Star Wars without sacrificing style.So, I confess. I’m a total fangirl. Have been since I was a kid that loved Sci-fi. Don’t make me decide between Star Wars and Star Trek, there’s room in my heart(…)