Vertical Wall Garden

Hey AllI decided to build a Vertical Wall Garden @ my apartment.The sight of green and plenty of plants around you can give you quite a good feeling.*It purifies the air (plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen )*Improves overall health and sharpening focus (A study at The Royal College of A…By: RoeyLeon Continue Reading(…)


Make Wall Mounted Box Shelves

In this DIY task, I will make box shelves for the wall. it will achieve an original and practical decoration. Wooden boxes of different sizes that we will place on the wall. When purchasing wood pieces, we must ensure that they are ecological, that is, from sustainable forests.I this way, we will en…By: smallneed Continue(…)


How to Hang a Skateboard on a Wall

Skateboards can be fun to ride but they can also be used as unique wall decoration. Whether you want to hang up a retired skateboard or one that you use regularly, there are ways that you can do so attractively, creatively, and conveniently. EditSteps EditHanging a Skateboard Deck with Fishing Line Remove your skateboard’s trucks.(…)


How to Repair Wall Cracks

Being a homeowner comes with its fair share of maintenance and repair projects, many of which – like fixing minor cracks in the wall – you can do yourself at home. Whether you’re dealing with drywall, plaster, or concrete, it’s possible to repair cracks in just a few hours with a handful of basic materials.(…)


Wall Mounted Dream Desk

This is the perfect dream desk for anyone looking to save space in a stylish fashion. This is a wall mounted with a few built-in items. Starting with the back panel this is mounted to the wall with the French cleat system and wrapped with RF LED strip controlled by a remote. To the left(…)


Convertible Wall Easel

I used to have a large bulky artists easel. When I started to renovate the place years ago I had in mind a convertible wall easel. I gave that bulky easel to my daughter who has much more artistic skill than I do. I sometimes oil paint and sometimes watercolor paint. Oils are usually done(…)