Basement Bouldering Wall

To introduce our kids to rock climbing, we built a small bouldering wall in our basement. There are a lot of great resources for designing and building home rock climbing walls: This REI article is super comprehensive, and I got a lot of inspiration from this I Like to Make Stuff build. I wanted to(…)


Cute DIY Alphabet & Bee Wall Art

At A Makers’ Studio, we believe in creating DIY projects that use tools and accessories you can use over and over again, which is why we love stencils and stamps. Stencils and stamps are some of the most enjoyable — and easiest — ways to create DIY décor for your home or to make beautiful,(…)


Plywood Storage Wall With Cat Tower

We’re renters in NYC who needed some more storage space beyond what our kitchen cabinets and closets could provide. This guide details the construction of our storage cabinet solution, made entirely of 3/4" plywood. The design has 12 shelves, one of which we left open, which can be used for a cat to…By: bekathwia Continue(…)


BEE You Wall Art DIY Project

Want a fun, simple craft project that reminds you of how great you truly are every time you see it? This DIY BEE You stencil project is something you can use on virtually any surface – from wood to canvas and even walls and furniture! What you’ll need to get started:A 15×20 surfaceBlessed Rescue Res…By:(…)


Faux Brick Wall

I love interior brick walls and this is how I made a realistic looking brick wall out of homemade paper clay. That’s right…Paper Clay!! The One Year Test! This is an easy and inexpensive project, but it is very time-consuming! The final brick wall is paper clay over wallpaper. I tested it for …By: bryans(…)


Wooden Resin Wall Art

To learn more about the AMAZING WORX Pegasus CLICK HEREClick the link above to grab your WO RX Pegasus with code ‘SOCIALWOOD10’ and you will get 10% off + free shipping! Thank you WORX for sponsoring this Project!Wood and Epoxy Inlay Sign + WORX Pegasus Giveaway ContestTo enter our Giveaway Contest …By: socialwoodworks Continue Reading(…)


Decorative Wall Hanging

In this time of festive season, everyone want to decorate their home / work place / garden etc. with their beautiful creativity and also with an economic way.Here I am introducing an article of mine which may give you good knowledge to decor your house. Materials and Tools Required Materials Use…By: artwithdEva Continue Reading »(…)