How to Start Walking for Exercise

Walking is a basic movement we use every day, but it can require discipline to walk enough to gain health benefits. It’s recommended that you take at least 10,000 steps each day for exercise, which can be easily measured by a pedometer. You can also use fitness watches and smart phone apps. Take time to(…)


Creating a Walking Centaur

This Halloween I felt I needed to step up my homemade costume game for my daughter. Every year I make my son and daughters costumes but it seemed the last few years my son’s costumes always had the extra wow factor, leaving her in his shadow. So when I stumbled across a pin talking about(…)


Portable Walking Labyrinth

Here’s an easy way to make a cheap (~$ 70.00), portable 22-foot (6.7m) diameter, 7-circuit “classical” concentric circle style labyrinth (with a slightly expanded center) out of common black plastic irrigation hose (and related connecting hardware), scissors, and tape. Classical Labyrinths In my c…By: Jamie Edmonds Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured