IOT Voice Interaction Device

How to make your own IOT device ?This device have the ability to receive and interpret dictation or to understand and carry out spoken commands to automate your Home Appliances. Option 1 Bluetooth version: Arduino Uno HC-06 Bluetooth Device Relay 2 ways 2* 220 uhm resistors 9v battery wire…By: ahmedazouz Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Project Oasis: Voice Terrarium

Project Oasis is a Voice Terrarium you can talk to. It’s a self-sufficient closed ecosystem that mimics outside weather but inside a box. You can ask the terrarium about ‘Weather in Seattle’ as a response to which it might start pouring inside the box. The terrarium can also generate clouds, mist or…By: harpreet31 Continue Reading(…)


How to Train Your Voice

Your voice is an instrument that needs training and practice so it improves. Fortunately, there are lots of exercises that teach you to breathe or vocalize properly. Whether you’re working with a vocal coach or on your own, you can warm-up with your favorite techniques. Use these skills when you speak professionally and learn how(…)