Arduino Computer Vision Robot Arm

The main idea with this instructable was just make a simple 3DOF robot arm that collect objects and place them in the right place. Materials:4 servo SG90MDF 4mmArduino NanoJumpersLaptopGlueNylon Sketch First of all I just made a few drawings looking for the size of the links and the effector. a1 …By: pachytrance Continue Reading »(…)


Night Vision

In this instructable i will show you how to create night vision goggles using the arduino kit and a few other componets you have laying around the house. Find a digital camera For this step pretty much any digital camera will work. Depending on what kind of camera it is will determine the steps …By:(…)


Vision Shoe (Shoe for the Blind)

Hello, today we will be creating a shoe for the visually impaired. Such a device can make blind people blend in along with normal people and not make them stand out as when using a white cane. This can bring about significant improvement in confidence and quality of life of the visually impaired. …By: ShyamV10(…)


How to Find a Vision Therapist

Visual therapy, or vision therapy, is a program of vision exercises designed to correct vision problems, especially in children, that may interfere with reading, writing, and education. Vision therapy also may include training glasses or other medical equipment. Sometimes a child’s teacher will recommend visual therapy if the child has trouble reading or writing. To(…)