Augmented Reality Eyeglass With Thermal Vision: Build Your Own Low-cost Raspberry Pi EyeTap

(The above photograph uses metavision to depict the sightfield of the EyeTap Digital Eye Glass).Build your own low-cost open-source EyeTap eyeglass: the OpenEyeTap project. Recognize faces, overlay augmented reality content, etc., using the visible light camera, and, optionally, add also a thermal c…By: SteveMann Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Arduino Computer Vision Robot Arm

The main idea with this instructable was just make a simple 3DOF robot arm that collect objects and place them in the right place. Materials:4 servo SG90MDF 4mmArduino NanoJumpersLaptopGlueNylon Sketch First of all I just made a few drawings looking for the size of the links and the effector. a1 …By: pachytrance Continue Reading »(…)


Night Vision

In this instructable i will show you how to create night vision goggles using the arduino kit and a few other componets you have laying around the house. Find a digital camera For this step pretty much any digital camera will work. Depending on what kind of camera it is will determine the steps …By:(…)


Vision Shoe (Shoe for the Blind)

Hello, today we will be creating a shoe for the visually impaired. Such a device can make blind people blend in along with normal people and not make them stand out as when using a white cane. This can bring about significant improvement in confidence and quality of life of the visually impaired. …By: ShyamV10(…)