Trump signs executive order reviewing H-1B visa program

President Donald Trump today signed an executive order directing the government to review its polices on the H-1B visa program, as the administration says it looks to cut down on abuse in the system designed for high-skilled workers. Nearly 200,000 applications were sent in this year for the program Nearly 200,000 applications were recently sent(…)


How to Get a UK Visa

If you are not a British citizen, you may need permission from the government to enter or stay in the country. Applying for a visa to the United Kingdom (UK) is a straightforward process. The type of visa you apply for will depend on your reasons for going to the UK, whether that’s to visit,(…)


How to Obtain a Visa for Brazil

If you are planning to visit Brazil in the future, you may need to acquire a visa. A visa is a document that shows you have permission from a country to visit or work there.[1] Make sure you start the application process well before your trip, as it may take some time to receive your(…)