Sturdy Vice Stand

Let me start this off by admitting I’m cheap. I don’t mind spending money when needed, but I couldn’t see paying $ 200+ for a decent vice stand. Unfortunately I live in a tourist destination and thus don’t have access to junkyards for building materials. So here’s my first attempt at DIY. I do need(…)


Tube Rounding Vice Grips

Made these and used for years. A full info on how they were made…Aussie here. Made with only basic parts and cheap. How it is done. The tool is formed from only 2 parts. 1) a 10 inch approximately pair of standard Vice Grips AKA Mole grips.2) a bush bored out to suit tubing size.(…)


Vice President Joe Biden lost 10 bucks betting against a Tesla Model S in a drag race

Whatever your feelings about President Obama and his time in office, I believe we, as a nation, can agree he gave us one pure, unquestionably great thing: the Vice Presidency of Joseph R. Biden. This dialogue, shared by yesterday’s White House pool report and transcribed by the Los Angeles Times, captures the vice president of the(…)

Vice is making a documentary series exclusively for Apple Music

Apple has signed up over 11 million subscribers for its music streaming service thus far, and its increasingly giving those customers access to more than just songs. From music videos by Drake to documentaries on Taylor Swift to a weekly show with DJ Khaled, the service has been bolstering its offering with video content focused on(…)