Solar Kitchen (english version)

Nowadays in Peru, 25.8% of the population is beneath the national poverty line, meaning they have no access to the most rudimentary services such as water or electricity. Furthermore, more than 60% of the Peruvian population has a great chance of developing a serious illness due to malnutrition, for…By: luana.andrade Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


TEVO Tornado Dual Extrusion: Beau’s TL-Feeder Version

An easy way to upgrade your TEVO Tornado 3D Printer with dual extrusion for less the $ 50!What to buy: TEVO Titan Extruder (without pancake stepper motor) NEMA 17 48 mm Stepper Motor Trianglelab TL-Feeder (Set 1)What to print: Dual Extruder Mount Flexible Filament Mount (for PVA and flexible…By: BoSnap Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Own Version of Amazon Echo

Hi guys,I think everyone knows about the amazon’s latest product Amazon Echo which is a voice controlled device i.e. we can control the device with our voice and it can even talk to us. So inspired by this idea i’ve created my own version, which can also be controlled by the voice and even it(…)


Christmas Nativity Village Scene (version 2.0)

Since we’ve built our Christmas Nativity Village, each Christmas we take the chance to upgrade it a bit further.After each Christmas we pack all the decorative figures, scenario pieces, electric appliances and even the solid structure.Before each Christmas we unpack all items and bring ti the scene…By: Paulo Alexandre Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Flapping Paper Plane (Print Version)

The instructables shows how to fold a easy version of flapping paper plane with a printed template.You may find the original version and the long story here:… Print the Template If you have a color printer, you may print the cyan version. Rememb…By: 陳亮 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured