How to Make Vegetarian Pho

Pho is a delicious noodle soup that you can enjoy in a Vietnamese restaurant, or you can prepare it for yourself at home. The most challenging part of this soup is the broth, which can take a few hours to make from scratch. However, the result is well worth the wait. If you want to(…)


How to Be a Lacto Ovo Vegetarian

Lacto-ovo vegetarianism is the practice of avoiding meat, fish and poultry while allowing the consumption of dairy and some other animal-based products. Studies suggest that this type of diet is a healthier choice for some people. With a little insight into the subject, you can learn how to alter your eating habits to incorporate a(…)


How to Gain Weight As a Vegetarian

Vegetarians eat mostly vegetables, fruits, and grains, though some also eat dairy products and eggs. Since it has no meat, you might find that you lose weight when you first start a vegetarian. Don’t fret, though! Even on a vegetarian diet, you can gain weight by choosing your foods thoughtfully. EditSteps EditGaining Weight on a(…)