Temperature, Relative Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure Logger Using Raspberry Pi and TE Connectivity MS8607-02BA01

Introduction:In this project I will show you how to build setup by step a logging system for temperature humidity and atmospheric pressure. This project is based on the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and TE Connectivity environmental sensor chip MS8607-02BA01, this chip is really tiny so i suggest you get i…By: Noreddine Kessa Continue Reading(…)


Wireless Remote Using 2.4Ghz NRF24L01 Module With Arduino | Nrf24l01 4 Channel / 6 Channel Transmitter Receiver for Quadcopter | Rc Helicopter | Rc Plane Using Arduino

To operate a Rc car | Quadcopter | Drone | RC plane | RC boat , we always need a reciever and transmitter, suppose for RC QUADCOPTER we need a 6 channel transmitter and receiver and that type of TX and RX is too costly , so we gonna make one on our own with(…)


Marriage Proposal Using RGB LED

Marriage Proposal with lighting effects is common nowadays and there’s two types of person, the one that just buy many lights effects stuff and the one that has a mind of engineer that has the imagination to build and want to impress her girl 🙂 This mini project is just a concept and may upgrade(…)


Automatic Streetlights Using LDR

This is a simple Automatic Streetlights Using LDR and based on arduino. As long as the car passes the streetlights it will automatically ON and Off if its not. 😀 Items *Some Popsicle stick*cardboard(or any platform)*LDR(light dependent resistor)*LED(light emitting diode) i used white :)*connect…By: ECEPanda Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Autonomous Control of RPM of Engine Using Feedback System From a IR Based Tachometer

There is always a need for automating a process,be it a simple/monstrous one.I got the idea to do this project from a simple challenge that i faced while finding methods to water/irrigate our small piece of land.The problem of no current supply lines and costly generators (to operate our pump) added…By: Setty_Nikhil_98 Continue Reading »(…)


Make RC Planes Using A4 Size Papers

This tutorial is about making of an RC plane of which body is made of Paper. This is a lightweight and flyable plane. Doing this project would enhance understanding of the strength of plane. This project does not offer an alternate material to make RC planes that can work as good as conventional mat…By: abhilash_patel(…)