E- Cracker: Firecracker Without Fire Using Arduino Embedded Platform

P-A-R-T-Why? Because you gotta! Come Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, or New Year, or any other special occasion. Firecrackers = the life of the party. But they don’t only add life to the party; they also cause pollution and bring with them health issues. But it ain’t going to be this way anym…By: theSTEMpedia(…)


DIY RESIN PLANK TABLE – How to Make Your Own Using GlassCast® 3 Clear Epoxy Resin

This zingy Neon Resin Plank Table would make a dramatic statement in any home, office or in fact just about anywhere! It’s also surprisingly short on actual working time and amazing results can be achieved with minimal woodworking experience and a low cost for a table of this size.This new Instructa…By: Easy Composites Continue Reading(…)