Ultimate Mobile Clamp Rack

I built this awesome mobile clamp rack for clamp storage. Now I can wheel all of my clamps over to a work surface instead of carrying them a few at a time. Don’t miss the full build tutorial video above for more details Things I Used in This Project: ISOtunes Bluetooth Hearing ProtectionUltimia…By: April Wilkerson(…)


Ultimate DIY Fog Chiller

Every year at our house we do a huge New Orleans/"Voodoo" themed Halloween Haunt and one of the hallmarks of our setup is our creepy cemetery fog that continually rolls through the yard. This DIY Fog Chiller makes the fog stay about 2-3" off the grass and as the kids walk through the fog it(…)


The ULTIMATE Gumball Machine

What is ultimate? Infinite RGB? How about a cool LCD touchscreen? Maybe even some completely unnecessary wifi capabilities? How about all of them- in a gumball machine. DFRobot reached out to me to create a project that uses their 2.8" TFT screen, so I made the most amazing gumball machine ever (…By: Arduino_having11_Guy Continue Reading(…)


Ultimate Router Table & Storage Cabinet (table Saw Extension Wing)

This is a super versatile router lift and storage cabinet built around the Rockler ProLift router lift that lives in the extension wing of my table saw accompanied with some t-track. The whole cabinet is made from ½” aromatic cedar Purebond plywood that I had left over from my plywood dresser build….By: JackmanWorks Continue Reading(…)


Ultimate Computer Desk With Walnut End Grain Trim

Everything about this desk was scrutinized for maximum efficiency and beauty. If you’re busy and need to get work done, this desk is for you! It will last a lifetime! Links below are affiliate links.Optional cut list with detailed measurements available for sale on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing…By: AwesomeWood Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured