Ultimate Chili-Stuffed Cornbread

There are two classic comfort foods for Winter in my house: hearty chili chock full of veggies, beans, and meat, and made-from-scratch cornbread. These dishes are a match made in heaven–but we always ran into a problem. Chili is easy to make in enormous quantity for a week’s worth of meals, but tha…By: emilygraceking Continue(…)


The Ultimate Sweet Dough Recipe

Preliminary warning: This is an unusually long Instructable, my longest so far at least, but don’t get discouraged. The common thing in these exceptionally tasty treats is the sweet dough they are all made of. For this reason, if you wish to make only one them, just go through the "how to make the …By:(…)


Ultimate Mobile Clamp Rack

I built this awesome mobile clamp rack for clamp storage. Now I can wheel all of my clamps over to a work surface instead of carrying them a few at a time. Don’t miss the full build tutorial video above for more details Things I Used in This Project: ISOtunes Bluetooth Hearing ProtectionUltimia…By: April Wilkerson(…)


Ultimate DIY Fog Chiller

Every year at our house we do a huge New Orleans/"Voodoo" themed Halloween Haunt and one of the hallmarks of our setup is our creepy cemetery fog that continually rolls through the yard. This DIY Fog Chiller makes the fog stay about 2-3" off the grass and as the kids walk through the fog it(…)