Tying a Tie

**Side Note: If you’re wearing a collared shirt, flip your collar up and wrap the tie around the back of your neck with the two ends hanging in front. If you’re not wearing a collared shirt, disregard this step. Getting Started The tie should be adjusted so that the skinny side ends at about mid-…By:(…)


Properly Tying a Horse

Summary: It is important to learn how to tie your horse correctly to reduce injury for the horse and to your property in the event that the horse becomes spooked. In this tutorial, professional Horseman Brad Barkemeyer from Barkemeyer Performance Horses shows us how to properly tie your horse to a s…By: Weaver Leather Continue(…)


Headscarf Tying Accessory

I already showed you my first no-slip headscarf wearing hack, and this is another one that I often use! With this easy to make accessory you can tie your favourite headscarf with ease! No more bulkiness in the back, no more slipping off and it’s really great for mid length hair! You can wear this(…)