Easy Twisted Potatoes

Potatoes are delicious! But the way to cook them, fried potatoes or French fries for instance, is often too greasy…It’s a shame because you’ll love to eat more potatoes in the evening at home or prepare them when you invite friends or family. It’s the safer choice for a side dish: everybody loves th…By: Captain(…)


Twisted Stool / End Table

This instructable is about how I made a twisted stool / end table from a solid piece of Ash. Rather than just using the block of ash wood as is I decided to try adding a twist to it to make it look more interesting. These are the results. Be sure to comment below to(…)


Twisted Succulent Planter

This Instructable is an overview on the design process for a simple but elegant 3D printed succulent planter. It is designed with lots of drainage and a lower dish to collect the draining water. It is easy to slightly modify the dimensions and create a whole series of similar but distinctive planter…By: Chaotic Attractor Continue(…)


Twisted Wood Veneer Art

We made large-scale wood art using twisted veneer! We were inspired by an artist we follow on Instagram (@laura_made_it) who did a similar technique with veneer, and we were dying to try our hand at it and put together a tutorial that others could follow too. We love how this turned out and think it…By:(…)


Wirework Twisted Ring

Twisted rings – they are probably the easiest type of ring I make. They’re also the most important type of ring I make. My first project I posted on here with the technique was what really got me taking my jewellery projects more seriously. It was also the project to which I owe an introduction(…)


The Twisted Desktop

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen JonRedcorn2‘s customized desktops, but this one was so striking we couldn’t look away—and we had to feature it. Here’s how to get the same look for your computer. Read more… Lifehacker