Nixie Tube Watch

I built a watch earlier this year to see if I could make something that was functional. I had 3 main design requirements Keep accurate time Have all-day battery Be small enough to wear comfortablyI managed to meet the first 2 requirements, however the third is a bit of a stretch. You do notice th…By:(…)


Tube Sound Light Converter

Ever since I started tinkering in 3rd, 4th grade, I was drawn to "sound modules" or lights blinking to the rhythm of the music. Over the years I made several versions, this is the Steampunk edition.Features: Integrated amplifier with speakers, 12V sound module with LED strip. 3.5mm stereo plug to co…By: Welf Continue Reading »(…)


Rubens’ Tube With Theremin

A Rubens’ Tube is a long hollow tube with many small, evenly spaced flames on the top of it that can be used to visualize sound waves. We’ll get into the specifics later, but for now the general idea is that sound creates pressure waves, which concentrate a flammable gas at some points and push(…)


Battery Powered Tube Amplifier

Tube amplifiers are loved by guitar players because of the pleasant distortion that they produce. The idea behind this instrunctables is to build a low wattage tube amplifier, which can be also carried around to play on the go. On the age of bluetooth speakers, it is time to build some portable, bat…By: ThomasH358 Continue(…)


Tube Audio Amplifier

I built this "tubes only" amplifier from scratch. It’s a quite long project of mine and it required a lot of time and patience to make and in this summary I’ll show you how i made it. If you are interested in building one of these than make sure that you take your time and(…)


Template to Miter Tube

To help making tube to form straight T or according to the desired angle of T, I have done another online tool to generate paper template. Previously I made this instructable to make angle tube cut.In the middle of the page, url here under, you will have to enter :diameter of main tube in mill…By:(…)


Another, Better Tube Chopper

So, it seams like I’ll have to say goodbye to my TUBE CHOPPER 3527!!!, since this jig works much better in many ways: no noisy hammerring, no cutting surface, that constantly comes out of condition, much quicker action, and the main thing is that you can put this jig together in few minutes using a(…)