MTV’s Catfish wants to introduce people to their internet trolls in real life

MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show, a morally questionable documentary series based on the infamous, morally questionable documentary film of the same name, usually seeks out romantic relationships between internet strangers from which to draw poignant and/or horrifying human drama. But for the remainder of the show’s sixth season, it is trying something new: it’s uniting(…)


Russian embassy trolls UK prime minister with Pepe cartoon

Twitter trolling helped Donald Trump become the US president-elect, and now it’s infecting international diplomacy. The Twitter account for Russia’s embassy in London sent a message yesterday taunting UK prime minister Theresa May, suggesting that that the prospect of closer ties between the US and Russia was worrying for Britain — catty, but accurate. The(…)


Palmer Luckey is funding Donald Trump’s internet trolls with his Oculus money

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey is financially supporting a pro-Donald Trump group of “shitposters,” he confirmed to the Daily Beast today, using his considerable personal fortune to fund the creation of memes attacking Hillary Clinton. Luckey, who is believed to have received some $ 700 million from Facebook’s $ 2 billion Oculus purchase, said he had donated “significant(…)


Remains of the Day: Twitter’s New Filter Aims to Remove Trolls From Your Notifications

Twitter has announced a new set of tools for dealing with harassment. There’s now an optional “quality filter” that can limit notifications you receive from people based on their previous behavior and account origins, ideally filtering out hateful language from anonymous users. Read more… Lifehacker


Twitter bans Milo Yiannopoulos, one of its worst trolls

Twitter has permanently suspended the account of Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos, a day after the infamous internet troll helped incite his followers to send a torrent of racist abuse to Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones. Twitter confirmed that Yiannopoulos would be kept off its service for good in the future, telling Recode and BuzzFeed that it would find(…)