Travel Ready Vehicle + Solar Set Up

Bare necessities! Staying on the road!Materials required!Measuring tapeSaw (electric is best)DrillGrinderScrewsDuct tapeNeedle + ThreadI am trying to make the instructions so that you will see what needs to be done on any vehicle and not just a school bus so the exact dimensions won’t be listed. For…By: JaimyB Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Travel Cache Keychain!

This keychain is relatively easy to make, and it looks great and is really useful for stashing some money away for use in case of emergency etc. You can also include other things. As well as money mine has a couple of other useful bits. I’ll write what else you could include in each section(…)


Energy Travel Snack

Traveling with the family is absolutely amazing but it can turn into a hard time when there is NO food!I love this recipe because it is super easy, very energetic and delicious and you can take it with you for camping, hiking or even for traveling to another city where having a snack is super(…)


Travel Tile Coasters

Rather than leaving fond memories of two trips to Europe in a photo album that is never looked at (and quite frankly is taking up space,) I decided to turn these memories into coasters that will be used and seen. Making your own coasters is quick and easy and they make great gifts. BoM Travel(…)


DIY Clock From Travel Books

I found a whole bunch of old Lonely Planet travel books at the second hand store and knew I wanted to turn them into something nice. Since I still needed a clock for my craft room, I proceeded to make a unique travel book clock. The books are from the late 90s and probably not(…)


Travel Sized Candles

The perfect present for a candle lover is always a candle! This isn’t just any candle though, it is a small candle that can fit in any bag ready to light up a dark room wherever it may be. And with a few dots of essential oils it will burn with a wonderful smell.While candle(…)