How to Transform Your Body

Transforming your body helps you live a healthier life and get fit. When you want to change how you look and get healthier, all it takes is adjusting your daily exercise and eating habits. To know how many calories you need to have or burn each day, you first need to find your basal metabolic(…)


Transform the Water Rocket Launch Pad Into a Pyro Rocket One… in Seconds!!!

I’ve already published an Instructables that helps you to build your own PVC Water Rocket Launch Pad equipped with Gardena connector.…(It actually was among the finalists of the PVC contest 🙂 Anyway, after building and launching a lot of water ro…By: RC Lover san Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Transform a Gown

When you go shopping for a special occasion dress, it’s ridiculous how expensive are some of them. The most expensive ones are the ones with more details, embroidery and apliques. The materials aren´t expensive, but all the time and effort that requires those delicate details are what make the gowns…By: sonia-bv Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)

Photoshop fonts: Using Text Type and Text Editing to transform fonts

One of Adobe Photoshop’s many talents at your disposal is the ability to create and decorate fonts. This tutorial is for beginners, and the instructions are applicable for Photoshop Creative Suite 1 through 6. Character attributes 1. Open Photoshop and select File > New > Name. For this example, we’ll call it FabFonts1 and make these(…)

How to transform your smartphone into a real-world Star Trek tricorder

When the first flip-top phones appeared in the ‘90s, prompting amazed gasps of, “Hey, this is just like the communicator in Star Trek!” it felt like we were on the cusp of an amazing sci-fi future. These days, however, James T. Kirk’s handy interstellar mobile device looks a bit clunky—and it’s shamefully low on functionality.(…)