How to Train a Pig

Because pigs are highly intelligent and easily motivated by food and affection, they’re surprisingly easy to train. Although pigs aren’t the right pets for everyone, as a responsible pig owner you can establish good behaviors early on with commands like “no,” “stay,” “come,” and “leave it.” You can also house train your pig so it(…)


How to Train Cockatiels

Cockatiels are beautiful birds that respond well to training. To begin teaching your cockatiel any kind of trick, work on making the bird comfortable around you. Once your cockatiel trusts you, you can teach tricks, such as stepping up or flying to you, by repetition. Rewards are also an important way to encourage your bird(…)


How to Potty Train Small Dogs

If your small dog is proving to be a challenge to potty train, start it on a simple routine. Since small dogs have small bladders, frequently take your dog outside to a designated space. Encourage it to toilet using command words and reward it with verbal praise or treats when it successfully goes. Be consistent(…)


How to Train Ducks

It may come as a surprise, but ducks are actually quite trainable. With the right motivation and a little patience, you can teach your pet ducks to free range and return to their pens on their own, become comfortable being petted and held, and even respond to their names. The key is to get them(…)


Maglev Train Diorama

Standards(G6-8) Transportation vehicles are made up of subsystems, such as structural, propulsion, suspension, guidance, control, and support, that must function together for a system to work effectively. (L 9-12) Transportation services and methods have led to a population that is regularly on the …By: eakoty Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured