Making a Set of Chasing Tools

Chasing is a wonderfully effective way to add a level of artistry and sophistication to any sheet metal piece. Experienced artisans can create truly stunning forms in a wide variety of metals from brass and copper to silver and gold. the biggest barrier to entry for the hobbyist is acquiring a set o…By: LakeCitiesCraft Continue(…)


How to Buy Basic Garden Tools

You’ll need basic garden tools to till soil, manage weeds, and grow plants. Look for tools that will help you manage your small- or large-scale garden, as well as protective equipment. Garden tools are available at most hardware stores, gardening stores, and online. EditSteps EditBuying Hand Tools Get a small gardening trowel. A gardening trowel(…)


Planters From Kitchen Tools

Do you have old pots and pans that you’d hate to throw out? Let’s reuse them as planters! It’s simple, anything can be used as a planter as long as you have proper drainage. I’ll show you how to make a few different types of planters from kitchen pots and pans. Coffee pot terrarium planter(…)


Toddlers Tools

My son joined me in the shed the other day and seemed very interested in the woodworking I was doing. He was asking lots of questions and wanted to help, but it didn’t seem right to hand a chisel to a 2 year old. So I decided to make him his own tools!Tools I made(…)


How to Organize Gardening Tools

Working in the garden is satisfying and relaxing, but keeping up with your gardening tools can be a hassle. Bigger tools can get in the way and make a big mess, while hand tools and other smaller garden essentials are easily scattered and lost. Luckily, you can make the most of common household items to(…)