The Co-Archiving Toolbox

The Co-archiving Toolbox concept is developed by the research project Co-archiving, which aims to explore and prototype collaborative (co-) archiving practices, that invite underrepresented voices to contribute to our common archives. The target group for the Co-archiving Toolbox is not only the unh…By: thecoarchivingtoolbox Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


DIY Japanese Toolbox

This is a simple take on the classic Japanese toolbox which features a wedge to close the lid together. It has a two tone design, parts of it stained and a rope handle in the lid so you could carry the box with one hand if you wanted to, in addition to the two handles(…)


Picture Frame Toolbox

This is a tool box in a picture frame or Toolframe! I made this as a gift for a friend.(oh and if you like this I would be most grateful if you could vote for me in the contests, Thank you) What Tools Do You Need? If you have a small home and only need(…)


Linear Pegboard Toolbox

Ever wanted a way to carry around the tools you need without having to dig through a big pile of them. Well then this is the project for you. You can change up sizes or materials based on your own personal preference. Materials and tools needed for this project. For this project, some of the(…)


Toolbox Without the Box

Can a toolbox be made without being a box? The answer is yes, and this intstructable will show you a solution you can build on your own. Our concept consist of a textile that stores the tools trough the help of foldback clips. Multiple sheets can be attached with snap buttons, rolled up and by(…)


Iceberg: the modular toolbox

The Iceberg is a modular toolbox for storing your tools in an effecient way. By making it modular you are never carrying empty space with you, you can just take whatever you need.How does it work?The toolbox consists of several segments, created just for your personal tools. These contain your tools…By: Faasje Continue Reading »(…)


Modular Multiplex Toolbox

With this toolbox we hope to make the life of a maker more easy. The toolbox has a modular design what makes it possible to select the tools you need in your workstation and bring them along with you.Because of this design and the good overview, it is a lot easier to organise your tools.(…)