DIY Brushless Dremel Tool

Its been almost two years as I got my first batch of cordless tools, most of them were brushless so love the amount of power these tools offer. With me scratching my head about what to built next I had an idea to built a brushless Dremel tool thats powered by those high capacity lithium(…)


LED 3D Printer Bed Leveling Tool

Being new to 3D printing I found leveling the bed a challenge particularly on printers without auto bed leveling. This 3D Printer Bed Leveling Tool uses a Pulse Induction Metal Detection Sensor and a LED Bar Graph to show the relative distance from the Print Head to the hotbed. This is an independen…By: TechKiwiGadgets Continue(…)


Jedi Gunslinger Tool Pouch

Yes I realize Jedi-Gunslinger is a contradiction…lets move passed it fellow nerds.For several years I have been dabbling in leather work, helped along in large part to winning a starter leather kit in a contest several years ago. I previously made a couple leather tool bags for myself which caugh…By: Nick70587 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Diy Tool Caddy

I build this small tool caddy for on my desk. Because it’s always a mess, my tools are laying everywhere. Now with my tool caddy I have a place to put all of my tools. And because I have 100 subs on my youtube channel you can download the plan for free. The Design To(…)


Sheet Metal Tool Tray

This is the last sheet metal project I assign in my level one manufacturing class. This is the first multiple part project my students work with in class that they will have to assemble together. I like this project because it makes the students read multiple sets of plans, use all their knowledge …By: TeacherMike(…)