Popsicle Stick Toaster Tongs

I’ve been eating a lot of bagels lately and I’ve been alternating between burning my fingers to pull them out of the toaster (because I’m impatient and want to eat them nice and hot) or using chopsticks. I thought, "This is ridiculous." My mom had some pretty basic toaster tongs, so I figured I woul…By:(…)

How to Clean a Toaster

The toaster can sometimes be forgotten in the kitchen clean-up, yet it certainly deserves a regular cleaning. Crumbs build up in a toaster over time, so you should periodically deep clean your toaster so it works properly. To clean a toaster, remove the crumb tray from the bottom and clean that first. Then, clean the(…)


How to Use a Toaster

The toaster is a simple and user-friendly kitchen appliance. Use it to lightly cook slices of bread so that they are darker, crispier, and tastier. First, you’ll need to adjust the knob to choose how dark you want your toast. Then, slide your toast into the toasting slots and depress the lever on the front(…)