Build a Tiny T-Rex

I decided, for no particular reason, to make a small kit of a dinosaur, and came up with a design that ends up standing just over 40mm tall (about an inch and three-quarters).This is how to assemble it. Needful Things I have attached a copy of the file to this step, or you can buy(…)


Making a Tiny Knife

Alright! So I have seen these miniature blades around a lot to I thought it was time to make one, so why not take you all along for the ride! I entered this into the Big/ Small contest so please vote for me! Here is a list of tools you might need for this project.(…)


Tiny Shadowbox House

Don’t you love that amazing feeling when you’re doing something you love and it feels like you’ve just entered another world? Sadly, it only feels like it, but what if you were to actually see that world? Decorate it? Feel it? Well, in this instructable you will be making another world of your own, …By:(…)


A Tiny Cathouse

Hi. We are Gio and Dirk. We are two, almost adult kittens adopted from the animal shelter. Although we have a lovely home, we would like to have our own. You know why? Because the people who adopted us also have two big dogs. Nothing wrong with the dogs. They are friendly, but sometimes they(…)


Tiny House ‘Garage’

I have spent the past 5 months building myself a tiny house. With the limited space that goes with living in a tiny house I wanted to make somewhere to store all the dirtier things. Such as muddy boots, camping gear, wet-suits, etc – the things that people normally keep in their garage. The solution…By:(…)


Tiny Home Office Shed

Hello Instructables! This is my entry into the "TinyHomes" contest. In this Instructable I will show you the steps I am going through to build a comfortable modern backyard shed that you can use as an office, a studio, a workshop, etc. It is definitely a huge step up from your backyard shed meant to…By:(…)


Rooftop Garden for a Tiny House

Hello everybody!This instructable is about making a small rooftop garden or a flower bed. I made this on my small workshop in the garden. I have written a Intructable on that was made if you are curious.We have neighbors living above and next to us and with this small green area they have a better(…)