How to Tell Time…

This was a really simple project that turned out great. Tools and Material jig saw chop sawtable sawdrill1 inch bit 2 screws 6 pallet boards square glue brad nailer stain polyurethane cricut/ stencil tape measure pencil Wine Glass Holder For this step I used a 16 inches piece of pallet woo…By: bpoulton Continue Reading »(…)


JF Time Fountain

Harold "Doc" Edgerton, an American electrical engineer and photographer was noted for creating high-speed photography techniques. He developed and improved strobes and used them to freeze objects in motion so that they could be captured on film by a camera.The ‘Piddler’ machine he created more than …By: jollifactory Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Around the World Time Clock

Whether world trotting or just interested in knowing what time it is before making that late night call, a 5 zone world clock fits the bill. Since I got some extra TM1637 7 digit displays in my latest shipment, I decided to put together a clock for all occasions. I decided to use an Arduino(…)