Do Try This at Home!

Check out the video for a more detailed instructions, or read on to scratch some surface:) Cut To start making these stilts, get yourself either some knot-less pine or some birch wood and cut two straight pieces out. Choose the right length for you. Mine are 230cm. The lighter wood you use, the e…By: v1nce_nt(…)


This Is a Hidden Maze Puzzle!

This is not a Cryptex! It is much more nefarious!!!!I wanted to create a hidden maze puzzle that has a high degree of difficulty even if you know the run through. It is composed of 9 movable rings showcasing a variety of puzzle types. To solve this you will need to orient, balance, twist, rotate(…)


Use Rit Fabric Dye in This New Technique and Get Watercolor Effect

Fall colors are my favorites: burgundies, browns, burnt oranges, olives.But I was hardly finding these colors in the stores. So I decided to dye.I used Rit fabric dye and Rit ColorStay Dye Fixative.My imperfect method resulted in easy watercolor effects. Steps 1-6 of mixing dye and shirts How to…By: jan1981 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)