1-2-3 Tarp Tent

This little bit of gear easily converts to this spacious and weather-tight tarp tent in a matter of minutes and weighs in at less than two pounds. Gear Set The biggest reason that campers don’t use tarp tents is that they are intimidated about how to produce a self-standing weather-tight shelter …By: scottorlosky Continue Reading(…)


How to Fold Up a Pop Up Tent

Many people use pop up tents as quick, easy shelters but find folding up the tent to be an unexpected hassle. Storing the tent involves folding the poles together and then over each other. This collapses the tent into a circle that you can seal in a bag until you need it again. With a(…)


Homemade Beach Tent

This Homemade tent can be used on the beach (which is my main use), but can easily be constructed for any outdoor activity. Hope you will enjoy this Instructable as i had assembling it. Materials Lycra fabric (the original roll is 1.5m width), so in order to get 4×3 i took two parts of 1.5m(…)


Fort & Tent Kit

PVC pipe and fittings are pretty cheap materials to make your kid . . . or you . . . a kit for building forts and tents. For under $ 50 you can whip this out with little effort. My inspiration for this was a "tent" I had as a kid. A plastic Transformers set(…)


Hallway Play Tent @ Camp Oma

For a play date at Camp Oma, a tent is a must. I designed one that is super portable, easy to store, and sets up in a hallway. It’s adjustable to fit most any hallway.Materials/Tools:Three tension rods–I used short shower curtain rodsFabric—four to five yardsThread, pinsSewing MachineSewing tools a…By: MotherDaughterProjects Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Homemade Kite From an Old Tent

This instructable will show you how to make a kite from scratch. I used an old tent, but a garbage bag could work too. Supplies For supplies, you need:Two sticksMaterial from tent, garbage bag, etc.String Tie The Frame Now time to tie the frame. Look at the pictures on how to tie it. You want(…)