Low Tech Inclinometer

A friend uses crutches and mows lawns to gain needed income. The manual for his Kubota zero radius turn mower advises to avoid tilting the mower to one side or the other more than 15 degrees. Beyond that, the wheels are prone to slip. I searched Instructables and there are several inclinometers, but…By: Phil B(…)


Tech Dress

This is a littleBits project made by fashionable girls that love electronics.The skirt is not only beautiful but it makes you feel special because while moving the lights will turn on. The Bits that we used are Power to take the energy from 9 volt battery and transmit it to Motion trigger Bit whi…By: BONEVET(…)


Circuit Circus – in Depth Tech

The "TransistorTester with AVR microcontroller" is an incredible little device that will help you figure out the specs of virtually any kind of electronic part. No worries if the labels are scratched off or painted over, just plug it in and test it out! The detailed manual can be found here (updated…By: jumson Continue Reading(…)