How to Become a Tattoo Model

Models with tattoos are becoming popular in the industry, so you’re in luck if you aspire to become a tattoo model. Tattoo models have inked bodies, but there’s no minimum number of tattoos to get started. If you want to become a tattoo model, start by creating your modeling persona. Then, assemble a portfolio of(…)


How to Choose Tattoo Placement

Tattoos are a big commitment. Agonizing over which design to permanently ink onto your skin is only the beginning. Once you’ve found the perfect piece of art, you need to decide where it will go on your body! Placement matters, especially on a living, growing thing such as your skin. When choosing placement, think about(…)


Wooden Tattoo Machine Box

Hello everyone, in this project I wanna show you how to make Wooden Tattoo Machine Box. I made video and step by step instruction how to make it. This is very easy project and very good for gift. So, let’s get started :)Materials:- Piece of wood- Small hinges- Small clasp for closure box- Wood fille…By:(…)