Tesco Bank halts online transactions after money taken from 20,000 accounts

The UK’s Tesco Bank was forced to halt all online transactions on Sunday, after thousands of customers saw money disappear from their accounts over the weekend. In a statement, the bank said it put the emergency measure in place after it became apparent that some of its 136,000 current accounts had been “subject to online(…)


In the final days of the campaign, Trump’s aides have taken away his Twitter privileges

As the 2016 election enters the home stretch this weekend, each candidate is working to make their final plea to the electorate by honing their respective messages. In a profile published by The New York Times, it seems that Donald Trump has relinquished the outlet for which he is best known, and which is most(…)


Apple says it has investigated recent allegations of sexism on campus and ‘actions have been taken’

While Apple was expecting to make news this week, it had hoped it would be for the launch of the iPhone 7 rather than on shortcomings in its corporate culture. But mixed in with the reviews of the new iPhone were reports from Mic and Gizmodo highlighting several negative experiences from women working at Apple,(…)


Huawei implied this image was taken with its P9 smartphone. Nope

As the United States celebrates Independence Day today, Huawei is celebrating its own independence, from facts. The Chinese smartphone maker posted the photo you see above on its Google+ page in an attempt to emphasize the quality of the dual-camera system in its flagship phone, the Huawei P9. It’s a brilliant image, with great color balance(…)