Wood and Resin Coffee Table

Late summer/early fall of last year (2017) I was looking for a project where I could start with a funky liveedge wood slab and incorporate some resin. I had received some interest after showing off another table I had created a few months prior at an art festival. That table was a small liveedge ha…By:(…)


DIY RESIN PLANK TABLE – How to Make Your Own Using GlassCast® 3 Clear Epoxy Resin

This zingy Neon Resin Plank Table would make a dramatic statement in any home, office or in fact just about anywhere! It’s also surprisingly short on actual working time and amazing results can be achieved with minimal woodworking experience and a low cost for a table of this size.This new Instructa…By: Easy Composites Continue Reading(…)


3D Printed Concrete Table Mold

A friend of mine is obsessed with pusheen toys and anything pusheen-shaped. He mentioned making pusheen-shaped table for quite a while, but never got around making it, so we joined forces and made it together. Initially, he planned on making it by bending stripes of plywood and shaping it to create …By: FrauMartina Continue Reading(…)


Oyster Shucking Table

Getting to be that time of year temperature dropping and months with R in it means one thing Oyster season!! let build a collapsible oyster table Go to the Lumber Yard I was given a great budget on this project so i wanted to make a fantastic table that will last a life time. Went(…)


(UNS)TABLE Wooden Coffee Table

Welcome to my second instructable!Let’s be honest: this table concept is not an original idea, it was inspired by a wonderful table from a famous brand. Yes, wonderful but also very expensive…That’s why we (my father, my brother and I) thought to build it by ourselves. We put a lot of effort in ma…By: gibetto(…)


Wood & Resin Geode Table

We took a big live edge cookie (aka round slab, from a horizontal slice of a tree), power carved out the middle, and poured resin into it to make it look like a geode! Here are the materials and tools we used: Arbortech Mini Grinder: Arbortech TURBO Plane:…By: evanandkatelyn Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)



In this project, I’ll be sharing my experience with creating a neat little epoxy resin table for my two-year-old daughter. The back story is she loves to follow me from room to room, and I love having her around me. Being a content creator I am always on the computer trying to get work done.(…)