How to Sew a Table Runner

A beautiful table runner can really make your table arrangements stand out or lend a pop of color. Learning how to make your own runner also puts you in charge of choosing your own fabric, colors, sizes, and decorative elements. Start by sewing a classic rectangular table runner before adding piping, cording, or fringe. You’ll(…)


How to Set a Breakfast Table

You may not be able to set the table for breakfast every morning, but when you do get the chance, it adds a really nice touch to the start of your day! Make your table as fancy or as laid-back as you prefer. For a basic setting, you’ll need plates, bowls, silverware, mugs, and juice(…)


DIY Air Hockey Table Top

家庭用エアホッケー台を設計&製作してみましたので過程を共有致します。動機:元々50x30cm程度の製品を購入しそこそこ楽しめていたのですけど、最近仕事やゲームセンターで大型エアホッケーを遊ぶ機会ありとても面白く、180 x 90 cmサイズなエアホッケーテーブルを、ホームセンターと100均の素材で作ってみることにしました。市販の大型&素敵なエアホッケー台はとても高額で重い様子。業務用だとさらに重く、設置後の移動も大変そうでした。 エアホッケーをDIYするにあたり下記URLなどを参考にさせ…By: Yohei Fukuma Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Foosball Table DIY!

For those of you with video memory, put your sound on and check out the link above. For those with picture memory, enjoy the read! Or enjoy both;) I got these specs from a ”Tornado” table because I wanted to make it as close to regulation size as possible. And since regulation sizes usually var…By:(…)


6 Person Ping Pong Table

Gather up all your friends so you can have a good game of Ping Pong. If you can have 2,4, or even 6 people play. Instead of waiting for a long time and being bored watching two people play, you can join the fun with all of your friends. 2 pieces of 3/4"x4’x8′ Particle Board-(…)


Mini Pool Table Out of Cardboard

Making a mini pool Table out of Cardboard. The materials i used:Various CardboardRulerCrafting knifeScissorsAll purpose gluePolymer clayGreen feltPaint Here is a general template. Cut out a rectangle of cardboard 18cm x 11cmThen cut out the pockets for the table. Then using thicker cardboard…By: ArgentAnimations Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


How to Make a Hidden Coffee Table

Once again, this was one of our older builds that we built right at the very beginning of our channel. So I apologize in advance for any technical or audio issues. This one is a very simple build as far as secret compartments go. The only thing that is imperative to this project is that(…)