T-Track Assembly Table / Workbench

This assembly table is built to keep everything I used most often close at hand while building and finishing! It has a "rough" side where I keep common tools, screws, clamps, joinery aids, etc.. the "finish" side carries finishes, brushes, cloths, stand offs, paint sprayers, etc. And each end holds …By: YouCanMakeThisToo Continue Reading »(…)


Coffee Table Planter

A small deck with over sized furniture required an undersized coffee table. After kicking some ideas around, a trip to the lumber store yielded a small pile of wood to make a table that would require minimal cutting. Well minimal in a sense, and now that I think about it, not really any less than(…)


Ultimate Router Table & Storage Cabinet (table Saw Extension Wing)

This is a super versatile router lift and storage cabinet built around the Rockler ProLift router lift that lives in the extension wing of my table saw accompanied with some t-track. The whole cabinet is made from ½” aromatic cedar Purebond plywood that I had left over from my plywood dresser build….By: JackmanWorks Continue Reading(…)


How to Decorate a Table with Tulle

Tulle is such an expensive material, but you can use it to create a truly magical display for your table. Whether it is for a wedding, graduation, or quinceañera, tulle can take your table to the next level. Once you have the base down, you can make it even more special by adding lights, garlands,(…)


Multi -purpose Side Table

Materials and Tools Needed * V-shaped log (I used Boxelder) * 1"x12"x24" board for tabletop (I used Poplar) * (9) 308 bullet casings (Or any spent casings of your choice) * Walnut Oil * Tape measure * Joiners mallet * level * Drill and drill bit (bit size depends on your bullet casin…By: Bbhunter Continue(…)


The “Stump” Coffee Table

So I found this hollow log right outside my workshop one day and I decided that I was going to make a seat. But then I came to the problem that the top wasn’t flat, so I called my woodworking grandpas (and talked to my dad). One of the grandpas told me how I should(…)


Table Top Hydro/Aqua-ponic Display

Hi everybody! Long-time listener, first-time caller. =DQuick Background:I work for a Biosystems Engineering department at a university and after a few years of being exposed to controlled environment agriculture I decided to try it out as a hobby. I am interested in urban sustainability and with foo…By: circumlocutus Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


The Router Table Fence

Recently, I built a new router table. Technically, I already have two router tables, but they each have fatal flaws.Router table 1 is a store bought Skil contraption. It’s a good table for small projects or job site work, but I outgrew it rather quickly. The small top with recessed miter gauge track…By: -BALES- Continue(…)