Twisted Stool / End Table

This instructable is about how I made a twisted stool / end table from a solid piece of Ash. Rather than just using the block of ash wood as is I decided to try adding a twist to it to make it look more interesting. These are the results. Be sure to comment below to(…)


Suspending Table

I would like to share my project with you … the story begins, when the old, cheap table, i once found thrown out, broke. I was in a kind of dilema, should i buy a new table or should i try to build one. being a instructable-concept-fan, the choice was obvious, so i decided to(…)


30 Minute Pallet Coffee Table

This is a very simple project that you could build in a weekend with minimal tools and skills right in your living room.I believe this is the easiest coffee table you can make out of pallets.Skip right to the end if you prefer Video format.For this project you will need: 2 pallets of same dimension…By:(…)


Poured Resin Coffee Table

Continuing my adventures with Epoxy Resin, I decided it was time to make something a bit bigger.Most of the materials used in this project I already had knocking around so I will estimate costs The Wood I was on Facebook and this Garden table and bench set came up for sale locally in Helensville,…By: buck2217(…)


CD Table

The original table wasn’t this pretty and took two weeks of work as time allowed before the finished product was revealed. Found This Old Table in the Barn and Used It To… I discovered this table in the barn and used it as a drink table for a picnic. Covering it with a table cloth(…)


Car Tyre Coffee Table

In this Instructable, I will show you how i made this coffee table out of a used tyre and wood boards. Completion time for this project is about 4 days and needs intermediate level experience with power tools. A good addition to any home. Material and Tools Some of these tools are not necessary a…By:(…)


Backlit World Map Coffee Table

I’d been inspired by a combination of things I’d seen online, one was a large, backlit world map, wall mounted in an office, the other was a glass top table where a stationary company had used coloured pins to "draw" a picture of a Stormtrooper from Star Wars. I decided to combine the two. The(…)