Complete Arduino-based Vehicle GPS+GPRS Anti-theft System

Hi everyone!I wanted to build a complete solution for a GPS vehicle anti-theft device, which would be: as cheap as possible as complete as possible as it-just-works-there’s-nothing-else-to-do as possibleSo I ended up building an Arduino-based solution that cost me a total of 25$ , more or less.As you…By: pippolobaudo Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Autonomous Control of RPM of Engine Using Feedback System From a IR Based Tachometer

There is always a need for automating a process,be it a simple/monstrous one.I got the idea to do this project from a simple challenge that i faced while finding methods to water/irrigate our small piece of land.The problem of no current supply lines and costly generators (to operate our pump) added…By: Setty_Nikhil_98 Continue Reading »(…)


Motor Management System for Hoisting Application Using Arduino Mega 2560 and IoT

Now days IoT based microcontroller are widely used in the industrial application. Economically they are used instead of a computer. The objective of the project us to fully digitalized control, data logger and monitoring the 3phase induction motor without using the electromagnetic contactor.To reduc…By: vprasad Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


System 32 Hole Line Adapter

I needed to drill consistent holes in a board. I have a guide rail from Festool with holes for drilling but I don’t want to spent that much money for their hole drilling set. And I don’t own a Festool router. But you can buy these cheaper Makita router adapters that fit the guide rail(…)