Touch Switch Board

We’ve seen touch-based mobile phones, touch-based laptops, and television screens. Everything’s becoming touch-based; so why should our dear ol’ switches be left behind? Come in: DIY touch-based switchboard! No more worrying about stuck or broken switches. What is more, it is easy and fun to make!So…By: theSTEMpedia Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Water Tank Float Switch

This explains a quick solution for a float switch.I wanted to replace an existing pump suppling the greenhouse watering system and found a Fountain Pump which is very cheap but does not have an inlet port as they are supposed to be completely immersed and, in fact must not be operated "dry" as the w…By:(…)


Wooden HandHeld Games Console RetroPie Bullet Button, and Missile Switch

Here is a relatively definitive guide on how to build your own handheld games console out of wood, using bullet shells for buttons and a missile switch as a power switch. It works with RetroPie and EmulationStation on the Raspberry Pi and includes a tiny audio amplifier, speakers and a LithiumIon …By: HowardLJTaylor Continue Reading(…)


Customizable Led Badge With Switch

This project was designed for the Minimusica Festival in Valencia, Spain on may 2018. Activity for parents and kids. Susana Monteagudo Críos&RollBased on Paper Circuit PinSparkfun https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/paper-circui…Digital Bling The Tinkering Studio Exploratorium San Franciscohttps…By: SusanaM20 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Secret Book Light Switch

Several years ago I installed a strip of LED lights along the top of the bookcase in our living room. My initial thought was to use a simple switch to control these lights, but then my mind settled on something much more interesting – the magical book switch. I’m sure you’re familiar with this switc…By:(…)


Faux Power Plug As a Switch

I have been upcycling old televisions into displays for stores and restaurants and such. A while ago I was approached by people building an escape room. The room they were building has a 1940s scary dentist practice theme. Fake blood splattered around and everything. In one of the rooms they wanted …By: tjaap Continue Reading(…)


Touch Switch Circuit With MOSFET

Created by: Jonsen LiOverview:The simple touch switch LED circuit utilizes biasing characteristics of the MOSFET.MOSFET stands for Metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors. It is a voltage controlled device meaning that the current passing through the device is controlled by the voltage be…By: leeselectronic Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured