How to Make Remote Controlled Spike Buster or Switch Board Using Standalone Atmega328P

In this project i will show how to build remote controlled Spike Buster or Switch Board using Standalone Atmega328P. This project is built on a Custom PCB board with very few components. If you prefer watching video then i have embedded the same or if you like reading please continue with the post. …By: DIYTechStudio(…)


Pull the Light – Light Module Using Neopixel & Pull Up Switch

Features of the Light module Arduino Uno Hardware & enclosure purchased from internet Neopixel & Power supply borrowed from School of Informatics & Product Design Light module controlled by power supply All functions controlled via users interaction Animation types of Neopixel strip: Rain type, Show…By: SangminY1 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Touch Switch Board

We’ve seen touch-based mobile phones, touch-based laptops, and television screens. Everything’s becoming touch-based; so why should our dear ol’ switches be left behind? Come in: DIY touch-based switchboard! No more worrying about stuck or broken switches. What is more, it is easy and fun to make!So…By: theSTEMpedia Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Water Tank Float Switch

This explains a quick solution for a float switch.I wanted to replace an existing pump suppling the greenhouse watering system and found a Fountain Pump which is very cheap but does not have an inlet port as they are supposed to be completely immersed and, in fact must not be operated "dry" as the w…By:(…)