Swiss Army Garden Shelf

The simplest way I know to make cooking, gardening, home improvement easier is to place tools at hand where they are needed. In the kitchen… we use our ‘Swiss Army Shelves’ to make spices and tools readily available.In the garden… we have a shelf for the most commonly used tools right by our sid…By: jprussack(…)


Swiss Army Shelves

Bare walls don’t work! As a couple who like to cook we need our kitchen to work for us. This one afternoon project allows us to have everything in reach. Swiss Army Shelves are part of a ‘working kitchen’. A working kitchen puts tools at hand. We customize the kitchen to make cooking/baking effor…By: jprussack(…)


Swiss Army Knife Style Key Holder (w/ Knife, Sim Tool & Flashlight)

You can find the 3D printed files here: is a guide on how to assemble that Swiss army style key holder.NOTE: I printed my parts on low res/ high layer height, a higher res/lower layer height print will look better.Parts required:2x M3 screws (length is v…By: atanasovgoran Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Arca Swiss Mount for Small Cameras

The Arca Swiss dovetail mount is the most popular camera mount for professional and advanced amateurs. The Arca Swiss ball heads are very popular with nature photographers. All of my tripods are fitted with some some of head topped by an Arca Swiss type dovetail clamp.This presented a problem when…By: geotek Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)