DIY Power Supply !

I recently found an ATX Power Supply which offers a quite a decent power at its output. But most importantly it offers +12v, +5V, and +3.3V at its output which is very commonly used in electronics so let’s turn this into a Lab Bench Power Supply!Warning: If you have No idea about electronics then do…By:(…)


Pocket Power Supply

Hello,This unit was a by-product of another project. I needed a small power supply on the field that can give 12VDC. I did not want to carry a huge benchtop power supply so I made a battery powered packet size power supply. I used one 18650 Li-Ion battery, which has the best energy density feature(…)


Adjustable Power Supply

WARNING: This project includes high voltage, thus you should be careful.I made a variable power supply to use at home. It can provide 17V up to 3A. You can make your own power supply by following the steps, to use at home. Circuit Diagram Firstly inputs connect to the transformer. I used the ap…By: OEsirik(…)