How to Style a Military Jacket

Military jackets are classic wardrobe pieces that just always seem to be in style. But if you’re bored of wearing your military jacket in the same old ways, consider spicing it up a bit. You could add some fun accessories – like an oversized scarf, a cute neckerchief, or a fun cross-body bag. Try rolling(…)


How to Style Short Straight Hair

Short, straight hair can easily be styled to look cute, edgy, sophisticated, or neat with a little practice. There are plenty of different ways to style a pixie cut, including tucking it back, blow drying it forward, or creating a fauxhawk. Similarly, you can tie back or add curls to a bob to create a(…)


How to Style Flannel

Flannel, a warm material usually made from wool or cotton, is a closet staple during the cooler months, but styling it correctly can be a little tricky. If you get it wrong, you could be giving off lumberjack vibes in all the wrong ways. Luckily, flannel shirts are extremely versatile, and there are plenty of(…)


DIY Workbench Top: Butcher Block Style

When building a workbench, developing a solid work surface is key. Designing the surface with extra mass and stiffness allows tool strokes to be the most effective. This means that it is on the thicker side, demanding far more expensive lumber. A butcher block style surface gets around using thick l…By: LakeCitiesCraft Continue Reading »(…)