WiFi LED Light Strip Controller

I started making backlit signs with LED light strips, and I was needing quite a few WiFi controllers for each project. For a single project, it could cost me hundreds of dollars just to buy WiFi controllers, so I decided to make my own.If you follow this Instructable, you will have a fully-functioni…By: appideas Continue(…)


WiFi Smart Power Strip With NodeMCU

This is an easy-to-do and quite cheap WiFi Smart Strip that can control 4 sockets independently from all around the world from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Everything you need is an internet connection. You can use it for christmas lights, or fan or everything you want to plug in! Things N…By: AlessandroA67 Continue Reading(…)


Rattan Strip Coaster

In my past projects, I have made tableware with using rattan strips. This time I made a rattan strip coaster which is very easy to make. You don’t need any machine. All you need is rattan strip and superglue! Roll up Roll up a rattan strip. After finished to roll up, keep the shape as(…)


Cedar Strip Kayak

While a wood kayak may seem fragile, strip built kayaks are actually incredibly strong and lightweight. With this construction method, it is not too difficult to build a boat that outperforms anything you can buy at a store. By building your own boat, you are in full control of everything from the s…By: jcbuchli Continue(…)


LED Strip Tester

This one is quite simple – a tester for an LED strip for your TV repairs.I had a bit of trouble with my LED TV. One of the LED strips went out, and my screen went black. Until I shone a flashlight straight into the screen and saw an image I had no idea what(…)