Rattan Strip Coaster

In my past projects, I have made tableware with using rattan strips. This time I made a rattan strip coaster which is very easy to make. You don’t need any machine. All you need is rattan strip and superglue! Roll up Roll up a rattan strip. After finished to roll up, keep the shape as(…)


Cedar Strip Kayak

While a wood kayak may seem fragile, strip built kayaks are actually incredibly strong and lightweight. With this construction method, it is not too difficult to build a boat that outperforms anything you can buy at a store. By building your own boat, you are in full control of everything from the s…By: jcbuchli Continue(…)


LED Strip Tester

This one is quite simple – a tester for an LED strip for your TV repairs.I had a bit of trouble with my LED TV. One of the LED strips went out, and my screen went black. Until I shone a flashlight straight into the screen and saw an image I had no idea what(…)


How to Cook Strip Steak

Strip steaks are one of the simplest, richest meats you can cook. Steak does not require a lot of work to get right, and fussing with marinades and spices can detract from the naturally delicious flavor of a good cut of meat. That said, there are a lot of ways to cook a strip steak(…)