DIY String Art Beach Sign

Having just returned home from a week-long vacation at the beach, I felt the itch to make something again. I saw a lot of really cool signs and art pieces while shopping, so I decided to make another sign. This one would hang in a bathroom at home that already has a beach-themed decor. I’ve(…)


String Art

In my quest to become a true jack of all trades, I wanted to dabble in "art". I recently moved to a new house and could finally add some things to my (otherwise bland) wall.One day while walking through a art museum I saw this words that keep changing as you change your perspective of(…)


Rainbow String Art

This project was inspired by an art instillation I saw on the web and I thought it was so beautiful I just had to have one! Obviously I do not have room for such an instillation, so I decided to make a mini one that would look great as a desktop or house decoration. AND,(…)