Automatic Streetlights Using LDR

This is a simple Automatic Streetlights Using LDR and based on arduino. As long as the car passes the streetlights it will automatically ON and Off if its not. 😀 Items *Some Popsicle stick*cardboard(or any platform)*LDR(light dependent resistor)*LED(light emitting diode) i used white :)*connect…By: ECEPanda Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Kansas City just installed free public Wi-Fi and dozens of ‘smart’ streetlights

Kansas City, a place long known for jazz and barbecue, now wants to be known as one of the most futuristic cities in America. Last week, the city announced plans to install free public Wi-Fi covering 50 blocks of its downtown, 125 “smart” streetlights that automatically dim when no one is underneath them, and a(…)