Leather Strap Clutch

The shape seemed simple, so I made it quick and failed once. I should have been more careful. For the lid and full bias work, I worked with my hands to make the work at home by yourself. And I didn’t use any reinforcement but use reinforcement if you want to make it harder. Even(…)


Watch Strap Buckle

I was once looking at my wrist and thinking how hard would it be to make a DIY watch strap buckle. As it turns out, it is a surprisingly simple task. It probably took me less than an hour to make and I have something original and durable. ​Supplies and Tools Supplies Aluminum flat bar(…)


Braided Inner Tube Guitar Strap

We are going to make a guitar strap made out of braiding a recycled inner tube. Materials There is not many materials that you will need to make this guitar strap.Here’s what you’ll need: Inner Tube Duct Tape Rubber Cement Scissors Sharp Knife (Be Careful!) Cutting the Inner Tube First you ha…By: soccerjoe13 Continue Reading(…)


Fly6 Gen 3 Clip Strap

What I have is not the Cycliq fly6 camera light but rather an almost carbon copy. This was for sale in Aldi UK/Ireland a few months ago and from what I have read is practically the same. Even the flaky Velcro strap which seems to be more suitable if leaving the camera strapped to the(…)


Leather and Wool Camera Strap

Have you every been browsing leather camera straps? Well, I have done it a few times but every time I get scared away by the prices. This is why I decided to try to make my own leather camera strap. Materials and Tools What you will need:Materials, may vary depending on how you chose to(…)


Strap a Robot to Your Face! Your Expressions Are Now Controlled by Technology

Turn an old headlamp into a power assist for your eyebrows. Use an infrared remote control to raise, lower, waggle, and adjust. Read more on MAKE The post Strap a Robot to Your Face! Your Expressions Are Now Controlled by Technology appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers. Make: DIY Projects and Ideas(…)