DIY Wood Gasifier Camp Stove

This is a cheap and easy camp stove that can be made from things you normally throw away. This design can be carried in a backpack, produces enough heat to cook most things, leaves very little ash and burns with almost no smoke. Gather Your Tools and Materials For this project you will need:2 c…By:(…)


DIY Alcohol Lamp – W/quick (stove Conversion) – Burns Standard Isopropyl (rubbing Alcohol)

in this instructable i’ll show you how to make an alcohol lamp using an old glass bottle (add 3 metal cans around it and it becomes a stove!) Watch short instructional video… (just over 1 minute long) Read description… short video shows how to put together an alcohol lamp. great substitut…By: desertsun02 Continue Reading »(…)


Cook Using Junk Mail – Make (Paper Logs) – Burn in a Rocket Stove! – Free Fuel!

in this instructable i’ll show how to make 2 types of paper logs. great for cooking! Watch short instructional video… Read description… Cook (fuel a stove) using only "Junk Mail". How to make "Paper Logs" out of junk mail. use them to fuel a rocket stove. with only a few paper logs you ca…By: desertsun02(…)


The 16 Brick Rocket Stove – Quick (30 Second) Build – Easy DIY – Simple Instructions

in this instructable i’ll show you how to quickly and easily make the 16 brick rocket stove. Watch Video… 55 Second Video ~ W/30 Sec. Build! This is a "to the point" video showing how to construct the basic "16 brick" rocket stove. full instructions with "burn footage" in under a minute! Rea…By: desertsun02 Continue(…)


The (3 Block) Rocket Stove! – Concrete Rocket Stove – (and Smoker Too!) – Super Easy DIY

super easy 3 block stove Watch the Instructional Video… Read Description… The "3 Block" Rocket Stove. Simple Rocket Stove (and smoker stove) Super Easy DIY. full instructions. cost of materials $ 4.00. all you need is an "A" Block and Two "half" Blocks. wind and rain resistant. cooks/smoke…By: desertsun02 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Camping Stove

HiThis my "prototype" about a camping stove for the outdoor cooking contest.Material is stainless 316, but it can be made mild steel too.Idea is that fire warms the air between the sides, that makes air to rise convectively trough the holes to the upper "flue gas chamber". In the middle of chamber …By: Tuomas Soikkeli(…)


How to Clean a Glass Top Stove

Glass top stoves are often more susceptible to scratches and pits due to their delicate surfaces, especially when cleaned using abrasive sponges and cleaning products. Consider buying a commercial cleaning products designed specifically for glass top stoves, or you can safely and efficiently clean your glass top stove using baking soda, water, and a soft(…)


Smart Stove

AbstractPressure cooker users often land in trouble especially when they miss the whistle counts. The gas stove would be in the ‘ON’ position and could potentially lead to fire accidents as well. Smart Stove is a mobile app based project that tackles this issue. Through the mobile app, the gas stove…By: Explorato_Technomentis Continue Reading »(…)