How to Prepare for a Winter Storm

Are Mother Nature’s snow and ice spectaculars hitting your area hard this year? Having a few emergency supplies on-hand can save you a lot of discomfort and trouble when the storm hits. Stock up on items you need to survive without leaving your house for a few days, as well as tools to help you(…)


Storm Proof Planter

How to build a storm proof planter with solar lights. This was not the initial name I had for this project but after lifting it into place I soon realised no hurricane or tornado will move this thing. Concrete is a great, cheap material for casting shapes. I had some sheets of tin sheeting (for(…)


Bioswale AKA Zen Storm Water Garden

You would never know now that my tranquil "Zen" garden was once the location of a huge erosion problem. I built this "bioswale" in 2015. This picture was taken during the 2016/17 winter after more than 100 inches of rainfall in the Santa Cruz Mountains. My bioswale handled all of the water pouring o…By: InstructorK(…)