Miter Saw Stand Stops

My miter stand stop made of scrap wood around the shop. I made this piece out of pine 3/4" X 10" and a scrap 2X4 longer than 8" . I was making deck furniture out of leftover decking and wanted something to help get all the legs cut the same length. I look at all(…)


Facebook stops collecting WhatsApp user data in Europe after government pressure

Facebook has stopped collecting WhatsApp user data across Europe, the Financial Times reports, bowing to pressure from privacy watchdogs across the continent. The shift in policy means that European users of the messaging app will no longer have information — including phone numbers — relayed to Facebook, but the social network says it may only(…)


Soylent stops shipping powder that was making people sick

Soylent has paused production on its main product, the Soylent Powder, after determining that it’s been making people sick. That’s now two items that Soylent has had to halt production of: the Soylent Powder, and previously, the Soylent Bar. Soylent said that both products led to “discomfort” in “a small number” of consumers. The company(…)


Twitter will slide into your DMs when London’s Tube stops working

Twitter has teamed up Transport for London (the organization that looks after the city’s tubes and buses) to create a new alert systems for disruptions on the London Underground. TfL has long provided travel alerts via Twitter accounts for different tube lines, but now, users that follow these accounts will get DMs when there are disruptions.(…)


US government tells Windows users to uninstall QuickTime as Apple stops support

The Department of Homeland Security has advised that PC owners uninstall Apple’s QuickTime for Windows, after two vulnerabilities were discovered in its code. Because Apple is no longer updating the Windows version of the software, the DHS says “the only mitigation” is to remove the software entirely, or else risk “loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability(…)