How to Stop Eating Meat

The decision to stop eating meat is a very personal one. You might be concerned about animal welfare, environmental impacts, or your own health. Regardless of your reason for giving up meat, you’ll be more likely to stick with it if you create achievable goals, replace the meat with nutritious food, and find a diet(…)


How to Get a Baby to Stop Crying

First-time parents will often find it difficult trying to stop their baby from crying. It is perfectly natural for a baby to cry almost every day, especially in the first few months. While you can give your baby time to cool down in later months, early on you will need to address their concerns right(…)


How to Stop Panicking

Having a panic attack—or any type of panic in general—can feel terrifying and overwhelming. Fortunately, there are no short- or long-term medical risks associated with panic. To stop panic attacks, try to slow down your breathing and distract yourself by focusing on your physical environment. With time, you can learn several techniques that will help(…)


How to Stop Itching After Shaving

Dealing with itchy skin after you shave can be annoying, but you can do something about it. No matter which part of your body is itching, there’s a home remedy for relieving your itch fast. However, if your itch won’t go away or you develop razor bumps, it’s best to see your doctor. Fortunately, you(…)


How to Stop and Smell the Roses

The expression “stop and smell the roses” is not simply about flowers, but rather about how to live your life with a deeper appreciation of the world around us. It reminds us to slow down and notice the little things that make life worthwhile. Despite a busy life, it is important to know how to(…)